Papohaku Beach, West End
Molokai, Hawaii

  Paddlers' House
(currently the Paddler's house is not available for rent)

“We had a great time. This is a wonderful place, so beautiful at all times...We had a great time exploring the island, and taking the kids to Dixie Maru beach, and Friday night and Sunday night music at the hotel and coffee plantation, and our daily walks on the beach, for just the two of us...and just being here all together.”

“This is like having our own private 5-star resort!”

“We (5 families with 2 kids each, all under 5!) just spent the most wonderful week in your home. It is just beautiful, open, inviting, restful and so very memorable. It works so well, the adults and kids had so much fun together, and also so much space. We will remember this vacation forever. Thank you for sharing your home with us. We loved being here!”



This residence for additional guests includes a first-floor suite and a second-floor apartment.  The first-floor suite has a king bed, a small seating area and a full bath with indoor shower.  It is very private and does not have ocean views.

The second-floor apartment includes a living room (with TV) and dining and kitchen areas.  It has two bedrooms and one full bath with an indoor tub/shower.  The larger bedroom features four twin beds, which are moveable.  The smaller bedroom has two twin beds that are not moveable.   All rooms are very comfortable and well furnished.  Views from Paddlers’ House are over the eastern portion of the property, including the meadow looking north toward the main house, the upper gate, corral and driveways. 


While both the first floor room and the apartment are accessed across a lanai shared by our caretakers, its amenities (grill, table, hottub, etc.) are for the exclusive use of the caretakers.   It is expected that all outdoor activities, and group activities including meals,
of guests sleeping in Paddlers’ will be at the Main House, with the host family there.

Paddlers’ House has direct access to the southern path to our “park” below, with its eating areas and trails, and to the beach.  Exploring in this area is great fun for both grown-ups and kids.  You’ll find a shady “glade” with tree stumps to sit on, and a picnic table under a cliff.  On the south side of the park, across the gully, if you look carefully you’ll find a hidden large, very private “suits optional” area.